All my trekking friends have something in common. A sense of humor, love for people and their cultures, love for nature and its wordless language, curiosity and above all bravery in self confrontation. They like company but also loneliness.

As you may also observe in these links, we have different reasons for our trekking. Mine is culture and architecture in western Europe, mainly Middle Ages and Renaissance. To me trekking is also fighting the elements by fair means: I consider that as an accomplishment.

Some of my friends are professional globetrotters, they write wonderful books, hold lectures or teach their students. Some of them have proved that men can survive in the most extreme conditions on our planet without the help of machines. If so, all of us can explore the wonderful world between these extremes, without being trained as top athletes.

We think our world is beautiful and need to be taken care of with our hearts and intelligence. Get to meet my friends; their curiosity resulted in art, philosophy and science.

Frank van Rijn

Frank in Sahara desert Africa

Frank in Sahara desert Africa

Frank in The Himalaya Tibet

Frank in The Himalaya Tibet

Frank In The Great Victoria desert Australia

Frank In The Great Victoria desert Australia

After finishing his studies electro at the university in Delft/Holland he tried a job as a teacher. Cycling around the world was more like it. He does it for more than 40 years now. When he's not on his bicycle, he lives a simple life in a small village in Holland, where he writes interesting books about his journeys. | NL / E

Concentration. Bad navigation leads to insecurity, insecurity leads to panic and panic leads to a lonely end in the hot desert sand. Frank knows.

There was no satellite navigation in those days.

Photography: Van Rijn / Courtesy: Elmar publishers

Eric Schuyt

Carla en Eric

Another Dutch cyclist. He studied accountancy but decided to cycle around the planet. He has a cozy bike-shop in Amsterdam where he is supported by excellent technicians, highly experienced advisers and of course his companion Carla. If Dear One needs serious doctoring, Eric does it.

On top of all this he is a fine musician. | NL / E | NL

Eric in the cold highlands of Lesotho/South Africa. The story is in his book Dumela.

Photography: Schuyt-Vermond / Courtesy: Holland publishers

Christoph Rohleder

Besides being an excellent scientist, Christoph is also a great cyclist. He finished several studies in the fields of psycho anthropology and business sciences. Took his Ph.D. in both fields and he now is a professor at a university in Germany.

He made numerous journeys all over the world. From the tropical jungles, to the icy arctic. He is an amazing and fun loving athlete. | D

Tilmann Waldthaler

It doesn't matter where you were born. Maybe in Germany or else where. Tilmann was born and lives on our planet and he also lives for it.

An excellent photographer and journalist, but above all he was born for a bicycle's saddle. So he lived his life as a cyclist and he still does. Australia won his heart.

Watch his site closely and listen to the words he does not speak. | D / E

Reinhold Messner

As 15-year-old lads Reinhold and his brother GŁnter already were among the world's best mountaineers. Born in Tirol/Austria. Reinhold spent his whole life as an explorer and geographic researcher. Not only in the high mountains, but also to cross hush continents like the Antarctic and Gobi desert. Mostly he does it entirely alone and by foot. In 1970 he paid the highest price a man can pay; he lost reliable GŁnter to the Nanga Parbat in The Himalayas. This tragedy did not rob him of his bravery.

Italian Reinhold wrote many books, is working as a political activist and an ambassador for nature.

Watch his site: "Who I am, is what I do". | D